This service is designed for the majority of websites, which do not need the super-sized accounts most hosts sell. Trick provides everything you need and does not try to sell you more than you require.

only $24 CAD


JJ Jones
Memphis, United States
It took me a long time to switch to Trick, but I'm glad I finally did. It's great to be able to support people who I know are doing GOOD business and operating in a socially responsible way. I hope Rico never gets too busy and successful to attend to my Internet needs because he has taken great care of me so far. (But, of course, I do hope Rico and his team become wildly successful because that will mean many good people will be the beneficiaries of their excellent work). -- JJ Jones
Tatiana Bazzichelli
Communication Sociologist
Aahus, Denmark
Finding a good hosting service is not an easy task. I have already had bad experiences with very well-known hosting companies, and I was looking for reliable, fast, and friendly support. Previously, I had the privilege of collaborating with the members of Trick and Telekommunisten for the development of networking art projects, and I truly appreciated their work. Today, we decided to transfer our domains to Trick. Also, I wanted to get hosting for a personal website, and I immediately got help, friendly support, and personal consulting. I warmly recommend Trick microhosting, especially if you run artistic experimental projects that need to be hosted by people close to your own interests and IT ethics. I will definitely ask Trick to host future projects as well. Choosing Trick will provide you with an economical advantage, competent feedback, and an easier IT life! :) -- Tatiana Bazzichelli
Ingrid von Heiseler
Wolfsburg, Germany
My name is Ingrid von Heiseler. I am a graduate of German philology from Universität Göttingen. I translate texts that deal with issues of mediation, conflict prevention, and peace from English to German to provide an opportunity for their publication. I am very pleased with the new website Rico installed for me, a task accomplished without delay and with great compassion. Whenever a problem emerges, I can turn to him and expect quick and friendly help. -- Ingrid von Heiseler
Gordon Monahan
Trick provides the least expensive and most effective webhosting I have ever found. They provide prompt and professional support whenever needed. I highly recommend for your webhosting needs. -- Gordon Monahan
Anarchist Studies Network
Political Studies Group
United Kingdom
The guys at Telekommunisten helped us set up a wiki, an email list, and a public website and have advised us on how to use and maintain all three. They have always been on hand to help fix any problems we encountered, and our thanks is boundless. I would recommend their professionalism and ethical and political priorities to anyone. -- Cheers from the ASN
museum of american art
Berlin, Germany
Since 2004, we have worked with the guys from Telekommunisten. During this time we had a very good experience with them. They are very professional and unbelievably polite. Whenever we needed any support, they were always ready to help us. That's why we recommend them to everyone who has similar needs. --Museum of American Art
Free, Independent Arts Magazine
Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Variant is a purposefully free magazine that provides in-depth reporting of cultural practices in the context of broader social and political issues. Our online presence is an essential element to readers' international access and involvement. We had been struggling with hosting for a while, but, on strong recommendation, Variant smoothly moved to Trick / Telekommunisten, where they have been more than responsive and attentive to our needs. We recommend Trick/ Telekommunisten to anyone who desires such a conscientious service. -- Leigh