only $24 CAD


Trick Micro Hosting provides painless and affordable hosting, including fast support for individuals and small to medium-sized organizations.
This service is designed for the majority of websites, which do not need the super-sized accounts most hosts sell. Trick provides everything you need and does not try to sell you more than you require.

What you get

  • > 200 MB diskspace
  • > 1000 MB bandwidth
  • > First upgrade free
  • > Unlimited domains
  • > Unlimited e-mail account
  • > Unlimited ftp accounts
  • > Unlimited SQL databases
  • > Optional ssh access
  • > Advanced account control panel
  • > 30 days money back guarantee
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jjjones.jpg JJ Jones
Memphis, United States
tatiana.jpg Tatiana Bazzichelli
Communication Sociologist
Aahus, Denmark
It took me a long time to switch to Trick, but I'm glad I finally did. It's great to be able to support people who I know are doing GOOD business and operating in a socially responsible way. read more Finding a good hosting service is not an easy task. I have already had bad experiences with very well-known hosting companies, and I was looking for reliable, fast, and friendly support... read more
Ingrid von Heiseler
Gordon Monahan